• Tree Planting Activities
  • Agroforestry Trainings
  • Energy Efficient Cookstoves

tree plantingMount Kenya Environmental Conservation is involved in tree planting activities with community members on their farms, forest lands, schools and water catchment areas. The trees planted provide farmers with fuel wood, fodder leaves, shade, improve soil fertility, stops soil erosion, counter strong winds and provide post and building materials. Besides providing the community members with many products the trees also sequence carbon from the atmosphere.

agroforestry Agroforestry is the intentional integration of trees and shrubs into crop and animal farming systems to create environmental, economic, and social benefits. Mount Kenya Environmental Conservation trains the farmers to be able to use their lands in a more sustainable way. Trees on farms have many advantages: from providing timber, fruit, or nuts as well as shelter for livestock and crops to contributing to food security by restoring the soil fertility for food crops.

Open fire or three stones form of cooking are commonly used in rural Kenyans areas. They contribute to deforestation because women’s spend long hours in the forest collecting fuelwood and even sometimes risk their lives from being trampled by wild animals. Besides contributing to deforestation, three stone method of cooking contribute to respiratory related diseases such as cancer, running eyes, severe coughing and deaths of children who are exposed to smoke as their mothers prepare foods.

Mount Kenya Environmental Conservation is working with community members especially most vulnerable to provide energy conservation stoves which are fuel efficient and smokeless. These stoves consume 2 kilograms of fuelwood in a day compared to three stones which consumes more than 15 kilograms of fuelwood in a day. Women can now work in the field instead of spending whole day in the forest collecting fuelwood. Every beneficiary of cookstove plant at least 15 trees on their farm. They just need to prune branches of trees to prepare meals instead of cutting down trees.

IMG_0241         old woman carrying the cookstove home. Some of the beneficiaries of the project we undertook previous. These women are standing infront of the cookstoves. woman cooking using the energy saving cookstoveslid_cookstoveinuse  IMG_20170508_135004 IMG_20170508_135028 one of the beneficiaries of energy saving cookstoves holding the stove

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