About us

Mount Kenya Environmental Conservation is Non governmental organization registered and working here in Kenya since 2015. The organization started as a self-help Group in 2007 consisting of youth who came together to undertake forest restoration project and promote planting of trees on farms. The organization works with community members to restore degraded forest lands, promote agroforestry techniques on farms and school greening programmes as well as rehabilitation of water catchment areas and livelihoods improvement through planting of fruit trees.

The organization is currently working in Embu County with over 500 community members. Our main objectives include;

  • Rehabilitation of degraded forest lands through tree planting activities; currently the organization has planted 196,000 tree seedlings inside Mount Kenya forest thus restoring 196 hectares of degraded forest lands.
  • Undertaking agroforestry techniques trainings with community members to help them improve their livelihoods. The organization has undertaken trainings which includes; Group empowerment, tree nurseries establishment and management, agroforestry techniques trainings and grafting. Over 600 community members have benefited from these trainings.
  • Planting beneficial trees on farm for fuelwood, timber, posts, soil improvement, fruits and fodder leaves. Already the organization has planted 85,000 tree seedlings with community members.
  • Water catchment areas and waterlines rehabilitation through tree planting.
  • Greening schools through planting trees on school compounds with kids. Already our organization is working with 15 schools within Embu County to promote tree planting activities within the schools and we have been able to plant over 15,000 tree seedlings in those schools. We are targeting to plant 3 million trees within the region with school pupils.
  • Environmental conservation awareness with community members living near forest reserves.