My 20 Trees and Me

on Dec 7, 2015

Mount Kenya Environmental Conservation Organization (MKEC) is  currently  working with  over 5 schools in Embu . This program  My 20 Trees and Me  involve selected pupils from different schools who will plant 20 trees each year and take care of those trees till they mature. After they finish primary school, these pupils will be coming back to check the status of trees of their trees. Its a program aimed at nurturing pupils into taking care of their environment.

Clement Mutembei class 4 pupil planting his 20 Trees and Me           

Clement Mutembei planting Grevillea robusta seedling.

          Maureen Wakio class 4 pupil planting her 20 Trees and Me

Maureen a class four pupil planting Grevillea robusta seedlings.

Nicodemus Mwonda class 4 pupil planting his 20 Trees and Me

Nicodemaus class 4 pupil planting Grevillea robusta seedling.