Overview of our projects

Mount Kenya Environmental Conservation is active and undertakes projects in the following fields of work:

  1. Reforestation: We are currently rehabilitating 700 hectares of degraded Mount Kenya forest lands in Embu county. Already we have been able to rehabilitate 150 hectares by planting 150,000 tree seedlings since the year 2016. Mount Kenya forest is vital since its one of the five water towers found in Kenya. The forest acts as water catchment for many rivers which originate from the forest . Beside that, the forest provide communities living adjacent to it with forest products such as fruits, fodder leaves, medicines and honey.
  2. Agroforestry: Besides undertaking rehabilitation of Mount Kenya forest, our organization is supporting communities to adopt agroforestry techniques on their farms.  These techniques  help  farmers to  sustainably manage their farms through planting of beneficial trees which includes  trees for nitrogen fixing , soil improvement,  fuelwood, timber, posts, live fences, windbreaks and fodder leaves, Already we have been able to plant 85,000 trees with communities on their farms.
  3. School Greening Program: Mount kenya Environmental Conservation is working with over 15 schools within Embu County to promote tree planting activities within the schools. The project is aimed at nurturing young people into culture of conserving their environment as they grow up. Already we have planted 20,000 trees in different schools. These trees provide shade to the pupil, fresh air as they learn, protect their schools from strong winds which sometimes destroy their roofs and also provide habitat for different bird species. The pupils don’t need to go out of schools to learn more about bird species.

 20 Million Trees for Kenya’s Forests

ITF/MKEC Centenary Campaign: 2015-2024

International Tree Foundation (ITF) is launched a new 10 year campaign in 2015 to plant 20 million trees in Kenya’s  forests, leading up to the celebration of  their centenary in 2024.

This is their most ambitious campaign yet in our 90 year history. ITF was originally founded in Kenya in 1922 by Richard St Barbe Baker and Chief Josiah Njonjo as ““Watu wa miti” in Swahili, which translates as “People of the Trees”. In 1924 Richard ‘St Barbe’ Baker founded the UK organization as “Men of the Trees”; now the International Tree Foundation.

To mark their centenary in a fine way,  ITF choose Mount Kenya Environmental Conservation (MKEC) to implement their 1st phase of their project in Mount Kenya Forest within Embu County. Mount Kenya Environmental Conservation (MKEC) formerly Save Mount Kenya Forest Group  has track record in work with community members to restore forest lands and promote agroforestry within community farms. Since the project started in 2015, Mount Kenya Environmental Conservation has restored 150 hectares of degraded forest lands within Mount Kenya forest in partnership with International Tree Foundation by planting 150,000 tree seedlings. The restoration of Mount Kenya Forest MAGACA has been successful through planting of indigineous tree species and cooperation with 25 community tree nurseries. 

Forest Enrichment

Kenya’s forest cover is less than 7% and Mount Kenya Forest constitutes some of the most significant reserves of remaining forestland in the country. Mount Kenya has lost about 30% of its forest cover through various illegal activities such as timber harvesting or charcoal burning in early 1960s to late 1990s and those areas never regenerated back. Since 2011 ITF has supported MKEC to plant more than 150,000 trees in Mount Kenya Forest.

The area of Mount Kenya Forest that continues to be reforested lies within Embu County Forest. MKEC has  formalized an agreement with both Irangi Community Forest Association  (IRACOFA)   and the Kenya Forestry Service in undertaking  reforestation efforts. This fits with a recent agreement to promote community engagement in reforestation within Embu County. Kenya Forestry Service signed a management plan with the (IRACOFA) Community Forest Association in Embu on 18 December 2014. This has incorporated the whole community into conservation of the forest.

The continued restoration of Mount Kenya Forest has been carried out by the strong team  of MKEC staffs  and other community groups, who are mostly smallholders farmers committed to protecting their local environment and helping to combat climate change. They have  established nurseries where  seedlings  are raised until they are ready to plant out in the forest. The trees planted are indigenous trees.Transportation of  seedlings to deforested areas has been a huge task and MKEC has closely worked with Kenya Forest Service and other stakeholders in transporting the seedlings to the forest . The planted  sites weeded and monitored  regularly to make sure that the trees planted survives. MKEC continue to work closely with  Kenya Forestry Service to make sure  that the trees planted  flourish. The 20 Million tree campaign aims at planting  more than 22 million trees within the 5 Kenya  water tower with different partners and to ensure that there are at least 20 million trees surviving and thriving by 2024. Each tree planted will save an estimated 20kg of carbon each year. 20 million trees will save an immense 400 thousand tonnes of carbon every year.


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Digital Camera  DSCF2007     farmer planting tree IMG_1049 Podocarpus seedling Syzygium seedling