Your donation will help in providing trees to farmers


Mount Kenya Environmental Conservation work with farmers to plant trees on their farms. These trees provide farmers with fodder leaves for livestock developments, trees for wood, timber, soil improvement, nitrogen fixing, wind breaks, hedges and live fences. Besides these benefits, tree planted on farms offset carbon from the atmosphere. Within a duration of 10 years, Mount Kenya Environmental Conservation is targeting to plant 10 millions trees on farms. These trees will help these farmers in offsetting carbon, providing wood , timber, improving soil fertility and protecting food crops from strong winds. They will also provide forage to bees and stop massive soil erosion’s occurring on farms.

  • Your donation of $1 will plant 3 trees
  • Your donation of $10 will plant 30 trees
  • Your donation of $ 50 will plant 150 trees
  • Your donation of $500 will plant 1500 trees
  • Your donation of $1000 will plant 3000 trees