Your donation will support each livestock farmer to plant fodder trees

livestock improvement

Mount Kenya Environmental Conservation is currently working with dairy farmers keeping goats and cows to improve milk production within a duration of 10 years. Through this programme, our organization will work with 30,000 farmers from Embu County to plant 20 million fodder trees to improve both milk and meat production. Each farmers is expected to plant between 150-500 fodder trees each year. The farmers will be trained on fodder leaves harvesting drying, storage and feeding. Fodder leaves usually improve milk production from 20% to 45 % and meat production from between 20% to 30%. Farmers are going to substitute dairy meals purchased from shops with fodder leaves which are highly nutritious.

  • Your donation of $10 will  help a dairy farmer to plant 100 fodder trees
  • Your donation of $100 will  help  help 10 farmers to plant 1000 fodder trees
  • Your donation of $ 200 will  help 20 farmers plant 2000 fodder trees
  • Your donation of $500 will help 100 farmers plant 5000 fodder trees
  • Your donation of $1000 will help 200 farmers plant 10,000 fodder trees