Community empowerment

This has been a major focus of our organization and involves empowering groups to become self independents and run other income generating projects that aim to improve their livelihoods and  ensure long term sustainability. The  activities which has been involved include  table banking scheme that aims to incorporate rural vulnerable households always excluded from formal banking sector and bring them together to save funds. So far more that 1500 community members have been empowered and trained and are now running small incomes generating projects within their homestead.


Greening schools programmes work  with  local schools where  teachers and pupils plant trees in their  school compounds. The project involves each pupil planting a trees and taking care of them till they leave school and the trees are well established. This initiative is aimed at  nurturing young pupils who tomorrow will be our next generation into conserving our environment and spreading the word of tree planting into future generation. Its also aimed at instilling culture and knowledge of planting trees so that tree planting activities can be passed on from one generation to another generation. Already on board, we have  20 schools, 200 children and 40 teachers  participating in the project. Our main agenda is to spread this idea to other schools and at least cover the whole country. A total of 15,300 trees have already been planted within school compound for the last 4 years.


Mount Kenya Environmental  Conservation since the year 2015 has supported farmers from Embu County to plant 200,000 agroforestry trees on their farms.  These trees help these farmers with fruits, fodder leaves for livestock development, improve soil fertility through fixing of nitrogen, protect food crops from strong winds, acts as live fences, stop soil erosion, provide fuel and also construction materials


Since our organization was formed  as a NGO in 2015, we have been able to mobilize 567 community members to participate in tree planting  project in Mount Kenya Forest. The restoration of Mount Kenya Forest through planting of indigenous tree species and by the participation of community members has been a bigger success in terms of changing the attitude of the community living adjacent  the forest and viewing it  as source of many benefits which includes; source of water, fodder leaves, honey, fruits and medicine. Since we started a total of 200,000 trees have already been planted by community members within degraded areas and thus restoring over 200 hectares of degraded forest lands.