Julian Wanja

Project Manager

Project manager for Mount Kenya Environmental Conservation and overseeing day to day operation of the organization.

  • O. Box 50-60103 Runyenjes Embu Kenya
  • office@mount-kenya-environmental-conservation.org

Personal Statement

Julian Wanja joined Mount Kenya Environmental Conservation in the year 2015. She had previously worked with AAR Kenya in school greening programs in dry lands. Beside that, Julian had worked with Save Mount Kenya Forest from Extinction group has a trainer in agroforestry and sustainable land use. She has professional experience in project management and agroforestry. Since joining our organization as a Project Manager, she has helped the organization grow in terms of the number of community members we are working with  especially the women's from 150 to more than 800 and also the number of nurseries from 5 to 30 community nurseries.